March 30 Minister Moment

“Celebration of Life.” The other day I was re-listening to Kate Braestrup interview from the radio program “On Being”. While discussing her work as a chaplain, Rev. Braestrup mentioned that Tibetan Buddhists say “you prepare your whole life for your death;” and then she says that she is thankful that we do this mostly without knowing it. Somehow that seemed like a useful thought for Good Friday.
Here’s the link:

This past Wednesday night our Caring Team spent part of their meeting preparing for the “Death Cafe” an evening event planned for Friday, April 20th at UCN. Event preparations involve having tea and having cake. Also, having chairs in a circle and a quiet place to listen. There is no homework, no preparation. It is a chance to talk about death, and to listen to others. Sales pitches are not allowed, and it is, indeed, not a Unitarian Universalist event – invite your friends young and old, we have plenty of space. This will be the third time we have hosted Death Cafe … and I hope it is not the last.

As we said in Tuesday’s e-mail, Adele Andrews died this past weekend and was buried in Louisa County. I have met twice with Elisa Dickon. On Wednesday to begin planning for the Celebration of Adele’s life. It was a life full of work and friends and relationships and creativity. The Celebration, planned for 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 14, will be filled with music and memories.

Kahlil Gibran’s character “The Prophet” says that each one of us is a part of life’s longing for itself, and while everyone feels their own love and thinks their own thoughts, we are all a part. “For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.” We are all a part of the spirit of life, and through what we do and how we do it together, we grow or stifle that spirit. In life, everything matters.

Easter Sunday I will share a reflection on the musical Godspell, and how it relates gospel messages. This sermon topic was a purchase from last year’s Auction, and I’ve loved working on it. Come hear great music and maybe learn something new. Yes, wear an Easter hat … it is spring! Celebrate!

Also, remember that immediately after the postlude we will start our Easter Egg Hunt … The staff had fun packing plastic eggs this week, and I hope your kids find a basket full!

Next Friday evening, April 6 we have a special guest. Mark Swingle, from the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center will teach about sea mammals and sea turtles! It’s a re-schedule from snowy January, and is ideal for families preparing for summer vacations.

By the way, if you haven’t looked at our online calendar recently, this and other entries now have much more information available– just click!

Also, Happy Pesach to those attending a Passover Seder tonight and all observing the week-long holiday.

I love you,
Rev. Charlie