Reverend Charlie

“I went into ministry to be in relationship with a congregation of people, so let’s talk. I will meet you for coffee/tea/cola/lunch to talk about what’s up with you. I like to do this at Panera, or Starbucks, or the Museum cafe, or my office when there are others present in the building. We can speak confidentially, but I will report any information on child abuse, elder abuse or abuse of persons with disabilities. Virginia law allows me to keep those sorts of secrets, but my minister’s covenant does not. Also, the church has developed a good group of pastoral associates and a caring committee for ongoing situations.”

Lay Pastoral Associates

Lay Pastoral Care is a ministerial program that provides a confidential, caring presence to congregants undergoing stressful life challenges. The program also serves as an extension of the minister’s own pastoral care presence. Please contact the minister or the office to get in touch with a lay pastoral care associate.

Our Caring Team

While our entire congregation is charged with the mission of caring for one another, the 45-member Caring Team strives to be the active “heart of the CVUU community.” They see to the direct needs of members and friends in times of crisis. They provide  assistance, support and a caring presence while raising awareness of opportunities to support one another. You might see them during the time of reflection in our Sunday service, reading from the Book of Life.

You might call on the team for short term needs for visits or meals, or in times of sudden grief. The Caring Team works with the minister in creating a culture of the heart. The team is run by a central coordinating group with two monthly co-leaders who are listed in the Friday email; they are the primary contact for members and friends.

Coordinators don’t work alone; they have a large network of cooks, bakers, people who will offer transport to appointments and more. If you are in need of their assistance or you would like to sign on, contact the CVUU Office: 757-627-5371, or