7 July Minister Moment

Happy July. Happy Lazy, Hazy, and maybe a little Crazy summer. Happy traffic jams at the beach and mosquitoes around the campfire. Happy backyard conversations. Happy visits to a friend in hospital, or reconnecting by phone.  Happy time alone. Happy summer reading. Happy working air conditioning, and happy inviting friends over when their AC dies.

Happy July.  What are you doing this summer?

After the service this Sunday, July 9, you are invited up into the air conditioning for a conversation with me and with each other on ministry at UCN/CVUU. There will be a few things to munch on, and we’ll take 90 minutes or so. I’m trying to get the community talking, and we have to start somewhere! Thank you to the Committee on Ministry for putting together this Sunday event. They are also working on planning some small group “dessert” sessions for later this summer or early autumn, a chance for small group conversation with me. Stay tuned for dates and sign-up opportunities.

Have you noticed Karen Smith’s great job organizing music for the summer? This week is going to be a set of love songs by guest performers. Come one, come all.

My Sunday’s sermon title is taken from our congregation’s mission: “Our congregation provides a nurturing community, fosters courageous spiritual growth, and inspires compassionate action.” Specifically, since our summer theme is “Growth” I will be talking about the “Courageous Spiritual Growth” part.  

As a minister my job is to serve the congregation’s mission, so I find myself asking:  Am I nurturing community at UCN/CVUU? How can I do this better? Am I fostering courageous spiritual growth? How does that work, and how can I help us do that better? And how do we inspire compassionate action? What might I do to further the inspirations of the congregation? This Sunday I want to investigate

This seems like a good moment to thank Paul Greggs, Amy H. and Judy W., who worked with me on a subcommittee formed to solicit thoughts on social justice opportunities in our congregation. We held a service and invited your comments on posters around the sanctuary. We took the “walkabout” input from that day and have turned it into a report for the Social Justice committee. Feel free to ask your friendly Social Justice committee member for a copy. It is the full committee’s job to turn the report into revisions in our work. Look for presentations to the congregation in the autumn.

One shift I want to present is a shift in our understanding of Racial Justice. I see it as a spiritual practice, something to become a part of our religious life more than the work of a subcommittee. My shift, based on an idea I heard about from Lee Ellen K., is one I invite you to consider. Perhaps it is related to the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and our commitment to working toward that dignity. I invite you to try it on, and see how it feels.

See you Sunday,  stay cool.

I love you,

Rev Charlie