26 May Minister Moment

Some weeks I get to devote this column to one thing, perhaps theology or a long range idea. Not this week. There are lots of things going on, and everyone is planning for June! Perhaps your life is full of school assemblies, summer planning, etc. Our numbers on Sunday will be lower due to the families campout – and the weather forecast calls for good weather with a chance of showers. Enjoy!

Our hearts go out to all the Hutchesons as they mourn the death of Dave’s father Ray. The funeral was last Sunday afternoon. Amy says cards are welcome for them and for Dave’s mother Jackie.

In my reading from the Tao Te Ching last week I brought up the concept of emptiness. Emptiness of space, of time, and even of thought and how they are useful. Considering the value of emptiness can be a good source of meditation, here’s a link to one translation of the Tao Te Ching, Chapter 11 for your meditations.

This week’s sermon title “The Real War will never get in the Books” is from Walt Whitman’s memoir of the Civil War. The sermon will be contemplative and appropriate for Memorial Day weekend.

Volunteers are needed for the “2017 Hampton Roads LGBTQSI 2017 Interfaith Celebration.” We will host the event at 7 PM on Tuesday, June 13. Help with ushering, sound and projection would be appreciated, especially from the congregation’s LGBT community. No doubt, cleanup will also be needed. Also, since I will be part of the ritual, it would be good to have a project manager for the evening. Are you one with the time and talent to take it on?  By the way, Q=Queer, S=Supporter, and I= Intersex. All are welcome.  http://www.ucnorfolk.org/pride/

Even if we don’t have a boat in the pride boat parade on Saturday, June 15, we will still have a booth at the Hampton Roads Pride party at Town Point Park. Want to help? There is always room for one more. http://www.hamptonroadspride.org/pridefest/

Thank you to our Stewardship Committee. They are working hard to bring our congregation’s budget into balance. Balance will make us more able to do the work of development, and prepare us for growth as we move to a larger fish bowl. Sorry, this year’s metaphor is the rooster, not the goldfish… A balanced budget will give us something to crow about!

On June 4 we will have many things happening! One important event is our welcome of new members. The Membership Committee had a wonderful session last Sunday using our sanctuary which is more accessible than our upstairs rooms. Thanks to Clark Mahoney for managing that effort!

Also on June 4 we will have our Teach In on White Supremacy – A Denominational Anti-Racism Initiative. The framework was designed by Unitarian Universalists of color and it includes providing a separate meeting space for attendees who identify as people of color. We have a facilitator for that group and a team for our larger program for white members of the congregation in the sanctuary. If you could contact Em Lock, Lee Ellen Knight, Mindy Squillace or me regarding your plan to be part of the people of color meeting, we can better plan a space for that meeting.

This week I have no story. Instead I’m going to ask you for a story. When did you first realize you had a race? Perhaps it was when you were very young, or when your family moved. What story goes with that memory? Find a friend in the church community, and ask if you can meet and share your stories. That’s all… just a cup of tea with a friend.

I love you,
Rev Charlie