12 May Minister Moment

This month’s theme is “Trust”… and we begin with “Trust Your Mother” this Sunday… a service which may be emotional for some of us. Bring a handkerchief and also be ready to smile. Relationships between mothers, stepmothers, foster mothers and mothers-of-choice and their children can be very tough. Remembering very good times, living with separation, saying “what if?” These are all part of separation and grief and also love.

Our choir will be performing special music, and the day should be fun. Bring Mom, or, place a picture of Mom for our chalice table (write your name on the back and remember to pick it up).  Also, second Sunday collection will be for the Unitarian Universalist Trauma Response Ministry, a volunteer group that helps congregations in times of crisis.

The following Sunday we explore “Trust and the Tao Te Ching.”  The Tao (pronounced “dow”) means “way”– the way of living. What is a life of trust? Does it fill us with hope for the future? Does it promote right relationship?

Then Memorial Day weekend we will turn our attention to the effects of war with a sermon called “The Real War Will Never Get In The Books” a quote from Walt Whitman.  I’d love a group of women readers for a part of this… if you happen to be home on the Memorial Day weekend and can help, send me an e-mail (minister@ucnorfolk.org)

Looking ahead, June 4 is our Annual Meeting and also a New Member Welcome Sunday. If you are waiting for the end of the church year to start paying your 2016-17 pledge, you may find that you cannot vote. So send in this year’s stewardship pledge soon. While we are at it, send in your stewardship forms for this coming year 2017-18.

This week the Social Justice Committee saw an interim result of the Walkabout — we took all the phrases written by the congregation and clumped them on a piece of paper. We found that some things are intrinsic to UUism — we should do them whether Social Justice takes on that topic or not. An example of that is teaching children Our Whole Lives (OWL) — it is important whether Sexuality and Health is a Social Justice area or not.

Some things are External — but we can help. One suggestion was to “Work with the Democratic Party”, and we, as a church, won’t do that. AND, we can teach effective leadership skills which apply when our members, youth and children go out into the world and work for whatever cause they feel is important.

And some are “just right” – good work for the congregation to choose to concentrate on. More news about that as our work continues!

The Racial Justice Subcommittee of Social Justice and I are responding to a national UU call to set aside a Sunday to have a Teach-In on White Supremacy. We are preparing to have the morning program on June 4 as a Teach-In.  The Subcommittee has also committed to programs beginning this fall: this is an introduction.

“As a white person I can assume I will be treated fairly at a restaurant” – I read that statement a few years ago in a racial justice training and thought it was silly, everyone is always treated fairly. Then a friend of color suggested I look around at the two luncheonettes I frequented, same food, same town. One was full of customers of all colors. The other only had white customers. When I reported back what I saw, he said “we are not welcomed there”. I couldn’t get any more information. I trust my friend, and clearly was unaware to the aggression he (and others) felt. Do you notice? A chain in Louisiana has standard pictures on the walls. Happy white parents with children. African Americans are represented by a picture of Muhammad Ali yelling. Take a look, what messages come from your luncheonette’s walls?

Speaking of themes, the Worship Services Committee is preparing for a “dot selection process” for next year’s services, to take place in June. Stay tuned! Let us be kind.

I love you,
Rev Charlie