Reverend Charlie

Christmas Eve 5pm and 7pm with a reception between

5 PM Service with children’s Christmas play, The Christmas Menorah’s with Dr. Brian Brennan 6 PM Reception 7 PM Service, What Christmas do you Celebrate? Readings ad Carols with Rev. Charlie Dieterich

The Shadow of Death?

What do chocolate ice cream and football have to do with death? Can breakpoint discussions free us from fear in our final days? Come hear encouraging words from a former chaplain and someone who works with end of life issues. Also, following the service, all are invited to a congregation-wide workshop on end of life … Continued

Voting for Fear or for Love? UU Principles 5

Robert F. Kennedy once recast a playwright’s words saying: “Some men see things as they are and say, why; I dream things that never were and say, why not.” In the midst of this very political year, what do our Association’s Principles tell us about voting?

The Burned Hand

Sometimes a little fear is a good thing, sometimes fear can be used oppressively, and sometimes our judgement is distorted by learned fear. Firefighters learn how to respond to situations that would make an untrained person panic. How can we respond constructively to fearsome situations? This Sunday we will welcome new members (that’s one way!)