Dec. 10 Winter Truths

Rev. Charlie will speak on the winter season – a time in many cultures for the sharing of stories from long ago. These formational stories create community, truth, and understanding.

Preaching From Your Story

The service will touch on expressions of faith and how you can talk about your own experiences and emotions.

The Beacon of Unitarian Universalism

How can we describe our beliefs simply? Why does such a direct faith need so much ‘splaining? Last year’s Auction Sermon requested this topic!

Peeling the Sacred Onion

Understanding Unitarian Universalism layer by layer. This is the first sermon of our monthly theme of “Light”

Games For Transformation

What would you get if you crossed a Jane Fonda Workout Video and a Socialist Party Rally? Augusto Boal created radical theatre techniques to help everyday people see things differently.

We’re Better Together

Just look around on a Sunday morning and you’ll see plenty of people who share in many of the same struggles — seeking truth and meaning in life; holding fast to the good; speaking and acting with loving kindness;  celebrating difference as a gift; laboring in hope for a better world — all of them … Continued