Update On Our New Home!


(The contractors prepare for new hall between sanctuary and social hall on Nov. 14)

In the words of our UCN Board of Trustees President, Allen Perry, “A church is not the walls and the building, but the people inside.”

These are wise words to remember as the move to our new home grows closer. By this time next year, we will be gone from our UCN home on The Hague. While our lovely, creaky old building has been home to our congregation since 1972, our growing church needs more room. We will be more than doubling the size of our current church, which has 10,000-square-feet, with our new building, which has more than 22,000 square feet. And don’t get us started on the new parking lot – 110 spaces! Our new sacred space will also house a 400-seat sanctuary, social hall and commercial kitchen.

Progress on the renovations of our new home, at 809 S. Military Highway, are going steady. In addition to several curb-appeal cleaning projects on the grounds, the indoor remodeling is really gaining steam. Over the last couple of weeks, workers have begun installing air ducts in the crawl space. This week, steel floor joists for a large portion of the balcony are being installed where the staircase and vaults use to be.  The same is true for the opening in the third floor, where the staircase once extended. soon, concrete slabs will be poured over that new floor framing.

These photographs are compliments of Doug Throp from our construction management team of the Facility Oversight Committee.

(New steel beam for front of balcony)

(This shows where kitchen will be extended to social hall wing.)

(This is the utility tunnel which connects the crawl space with the utility building.)

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