March 11 Minister Moment

March is a time of miracles. If you want to see one, come to the Sunday morning service and see the Teen Service! I’ve been hearing about what’s coming for weeks now, and I don’t even get to be there.  But you can come and see what our Religious Education program fosters … (spoiler: it’s “Courageous Spiritual Growth.”) It has taken a couple of years to develop a great team for RE, and this week be sure to say thank you to the teens who have been planning for months. Also thank the teen program advisors and Paul Greggs, who is doing a fine job as our Youth Program Coordinator. 

AND bring your checkbook, because this is a Second Sunday, and the special collection will be for the teen group’s service learning trip to West Virginia. Don’t fill in the amount yet … you’ll want to increase it after you hear their pitch!

Sunday’s order of service will have a special insert advertising an additional fundraiser for the trip: The teens are offering a Potato Bar and movie on Friday March 16 … this will be fantastic!

Another reason to mark your calendar is on the flip side of the insert. “Sea Mammal & Sea Turtle Stories” on the First Friday, April 6th at 7 PM. A special presentation by Mark Swingle, Director of Research & Conservation Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. How’s that for an “All Ages” Environmental program? If you come early at 6 p.m. there will be vegetarian spaghetti (or gluten free ziti!)  Yum.

Our Communications Coordinator, Tracy Brune, has been filling in on some jobs for Susie Gullixson while Susie is out of town. Tracy is another CVUU/UCN success story, and now an integral part of the UCN staff. She and Susie will be putting together our third “Monthly Newsletter”– a multi-page color publication which is also available in black and white in the social hall, or for ‘free’ download:

Monthly Newsletter press deadline is the 15th of the previous month, and material is subject to editing. Our goal is to say what is going on. (Committee chairs, check your April meeting dates on our calendar page  so we have an accurate publication.)

You can also see Tracy’s work before the service when we project announcements. And…We Need You… we need several “projectionists” to take turns running the PowerPoint slides (they go automatically, actually) and also helping with projecting lyrics and other images during the service.  If you can help sometime, e-mail me ( ) with ‘Projectionist’ in the subject line. This would be a great help to have a crew to do this.

Our Stewardship campaign continues. Your past generosity has allowed us to hire Paul and Tracy.  As we develop into a thriving mid-size church culture we will learn more ways that our generous support of this congregation creates beloved community. Yes, your pledge makes a difference. Raise High the Flame.

And did I mention that 20 UCN/CVUU members will be attending the Living the Pledge workshops starting Saturday? Registration’s closed, but there’ll be another in the autumn. Oh, and another reason to come Sunday: 40 years of LGBTQ advocacy, and now we will celebrate Jimmy and Fred’s wedding with a cake reception!  

I love you,

Rev. Charlie

PS: The UUA Southern Region is asking for many small donations to help our congregation in San Miguel de Allende, MX as they assist deportees: If we cannot fix the laws, we can at least help those who are deported.