In order to provide a fun, safe and sacred space for people of all ages within our church, the following rules are expected to be followed. These rules are drawn from the Unitarian Universalist principles.

In this church we DO:

  • Listen, speak and act with respect
  • Take turns and cooperate
  • Participate in group activities
  • Include people, especially newcomers, in our activities
  • Run, skip and jumpĀ outside
  • Share toys, play equipment and snacks
  • Take time-outs and/or talk with someone when angry
  • Ask adults for help
  • Help make church a fun, safe, sacred place for everyone

In this church we do NOT:

  • Disrupt our group by being noisy, distracting or uncooperative
  • Cause physical harm to others
  • Throw anything at each other
  • Yell or use disrespectful language
  • Threaten others with our words or actions
  • Stand or jump on tables or other furniture
  • Damage church property, grounds or things belonging to others
  • Leave the group meeting space without permission


When the RE Rules are not followed, we can expect one or more of the following consequences to help us improve our behavior and keep church a fun, safe, sacred space for everyone.

We may be:

  • given a firm, but gentle reminder of the rule to be followed.
  • asked to move to a different seat, area or activity.
  • given a verbal warning to stop our behavior.
  • asked to talk about the behavior with a supervising adult.
  • told to take a time-out of 5 to 10 minutes.
  • dismissed from our group. If dismissed, we will meet with the DRE. Our parent(s) or responsible adult will be notified.
  • asked not to attend our group until a behavior plan has been developed with parents, the DRE and appropriate teachers.
  • asked to attend a meeting with the DRE and our parent(s) to discuss our behavior at church.