11 Aug Minister Moment

“We Cannot Have the Extraordinary Without The Ordinary” – P. L. Travers

This has been a very long work week for me, though I have not been at UCN. Susie Gullixson, Brian Brennan and I, along with eight other members of the Coastal Virginia UU’s have just completed a “Leadership Experience” in central Virginia. The five-night residential program was run by the Southern Region of the UUA and our participation was funded by our congregation’s training budget  (Thank You!). I hope we share our insights with the wider community in the weeks ahead.

One topic of conversation is how our congregation’s Mission is related to the promises we make to each other, something called a Congregational Covenant. The tradition of making a covenant dates back to the early 1600’s, and it is one document we never created at UCN. We have mostly been learning how to use these, but how to create one seems straightforward. Our group includes board members Gwen and Paul, Committee on Ministry members Ken, Martha and Mark, and Ellie. Clark (from the Membership Committee) and Peggy. We have had a week of solid meetings, finally getting two whole hours off on Wednesday (I’m writing this Wednesday night).

Looking forward, expect some of the water at the Water Ceremony on Sunday, September 10 to come from Wirtz, Virginia and the beautiful 4H camp where SUULE is being held. And remember to collect a few drops of water from YOUR summer events so we can combine them on Welcome Back Sunday. Water from our many lives will be combined to represent us all in life rituals and perhaps even a building dedication. So collect some in a small water bottle – lake, or rain, or flood water and have it ready to bring on September 10.

In other news…
Thank you to Matt Griset and members of the Worship Services Committee and Associates who held a retreat last Friday.  We used a video: https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action to help us consider why we hold worship services– and perhaps how to make this year’s worship better.

This fall I need your help. We want to use our projector to show a variety of things during our worship service – announcements, hymn lyrics, images, readings. And we need volunteers to run the projector! If you can help, send me an e-mail (minister@ucnorfolk.org) with “Projector” in the title. I hope we can work out a schedule for you to help. Some mobility is required for the job.

I would also like a group of potential readers for our worship services…. Send me an e-mail with “Readers” in the title. Thanks.

OK, one more thing…
Congratulations to our latest newlyweds, Adele and Elisa!

I love you all,
Rev Charlie
PS: See you August 20