8 September Minister Moment

We need Community in times of stress!

This Sunday we will create a bowl of water… water that comes from the lives of our community.  If you have gathered water from your travels, put a small amount (maybe an ounce) in a used water bottle, or jar, and put it where you can bring it Sunday… in the car, in a purse.  If you haven’t gathered your water yet, get some at the beach, or a neighbor’s house, or a friend’s hospital room.  We will combine these waters into a common bowl.  As we name where they are from we tell our community story.  The community water may then be used in rituals and blessings.  Please come this Sunday!

This Sunday is our Welcome Back Lunch.  Plan to spend time after the service enjoying community and conversation hosted by our UCN/CVUU Membership Committee.  Nancy Duncan gave a presentation on the many arrangements to chair Clark Mahoney and the rest of the team this past Wednesday night.  Feel free to send a note to Nancy saying “how can I help?” Bring an apatite Sunday.

Phil Caminer’s Celebration of Life is planned for Saturday, September 23 at 2 p.m. in the Unitarian Church of Norfolk sanctuary.  A reception is planned for the social hall following the service.  His obituary will appear on the 17th in the Virginian Pilot.  It is sad to think that Phil is no longer with us.  I will remember Phil for all my days and I know he was important to generations of the UCN community. I am always available for pastoral conversations, as are our Lay Pastoral Associates and Caring Team.  

The news is full of stressful news.  Flooding continues in parts of Texas, and now the damage assessment begins.  Tropical islands are overrun with water as Hurricane Irma heads for Florida and up the Carolinas, perhaps to visit Hampton Roads… we usually welcome visitors as guests, but prefer Irma stay away.

The Social Justice Committee has designated the UCN second Sunday collection for the UUA/UUSC joint Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund.  Please consider bringing your checkbook Sunday as well.  

The stressful weather is nothing compared with the decision to terminate DACA, and the stress caused to 750,000 residents brought to the USA as children.  The process may be legal, but that does not mean it is not cruel.  If you feel this way, I urge you to write your members of Congress.

The absurdity of Gerrymandering (pronounced “Gary…”) is the subject of a public forum Sunday afternoon.  Ron Lovell has invited a stellar panel.  Well fed by the Membership Committee, perhaps with a trip to the Chrysler Museum for their new exhibit, come back to UCN at 3 PM, this Sunday!

And so one barely has the time to celebrate the beginning of the School Year, and, next week we begin the UCN Religious Education year.  Our children will be served by our many volunteer teachers who will grow with them during the year.  On September 17 our Community Water will bless the hands of our teachers as the “RE” year begins.  And there are still some open slots– talk to Dr. Brennan to volunteer to teach.  Bring your heart to UCN Sunday.

Richard Horwege notes that Edward Atkinson, Cmdr US Navy (retired), once active at UCN, died on August 21.  Gary Copeland notes that Michael West died on August 25.  

Through Community we make our lives blessings.


I love you,

Rev Charlie