28 July Minister Moment

Just a few short things here. First, if you are traveling this summer, why not stop in on Sunday at the local UU congregation? Many love visitors… just as we love visitors. Some are tiny meetings with only a dozen folks in the summer (and some take the Summer off.) You might also find, in some vacation areas that the summer is their busy time. Check their website or call their phone (many have a message that says something like “Our worship service is at 10:30 at our church on Yarmouth, St in Norfolk.” Or maybe they have someone to answer phones… give it a try. Hope their coffee is good. http://www.uua.org/find (search by state)

Second, next month a dozen of us Coastal Virginia UUs will be going to SUULE, the Southern Unitarian Universalist Leadership Experience, a week long learning in church leadership. Not everyone can attend such an event, and it is wonderful thing that our congregation helped so many go by providing funds for our training, and some money is budgeted for next year.

AND… the UUA has an organization that offers different types of leadership training including basics in congregational dynamics and leadership. You don’t need to take a week’s vacation, and the courses can be taken online individually, or as small groups. Their website is: http://www.uuinstitute.org/ Like all websites, it’s a bit confusing, but send them an e-mail if you are confused.

Thanks again to Karen Smith who is coordinating music while our Director of Music, Matt Griset is on his well-earned summer break!  We are blessed with so much musical talent.

And, don’t forget to collect a few drops of water from something important in you summer life. It could be from a lovely waterfall, a grandparent’s house or a hospital emergency room. Bring it to our congregation’s water ceremony on September 10 (I put in a used soda bottle, labeled “Summer” in Magic Marker(r) and stashed it under my driver’s seat). That’s it for now…

I love you,
Rev Charlie